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Sports and Remedial Massage

Vanessa Lines

I am a sports & remedial massage therapist, training at the prestigious NLSSM, gaining in-depth training to achieve my Level 5 Diploma. As a graduate of Loughborough University (PE & Sports Science), my background in sport and science give me a great deal of experience and insight into the stresses and strains faced by the body and mind, in a range of leisure and everyday activities.


How can sports & remedial massage help?

This treatment is not just for the sports person, anyone can benefit from sports massage. I treat all sorts of conditions, such as backache, repetitive strains, shoulder & neck pain, MS, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and the like. I am also qualified in oncology massage and can treat people at any stage of their cancer journey. Massage therapy can prevent and treat injuries by alleviating stress and tension that builds up in the body’s soft tissues during everyday life and physical activity. It deals primarily with the health of muscles, connective tissues, tone, symmetry, quality of posture and range of movement. I have an annual DBS check and am happy to treat children as well as adults.

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