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Reflexology and Aromatherapy

Sarah Howard

I am a holistic therapist offering treatments in reflexology, aromatherapy massage.  I also offer sessions which incorporate Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping), relaxation and visualisation which can help with emotions such as stress and anxiety.  Something which is very close to my heart is how to cope with the emotions that come up in association with our children growing up and either leaving home, going to university and not needing our constant support as they did when they were small, how our roles change within the family dynamic when this happens, our relationship with our partners and ourselves.


I also make a unique range of handmade therapeutic products which I use to complement my treatments and support clients in between treatments both physically and emotionally


My passion is supporting my clients whilst they overcome physical and emotional challenges in their lives so they can find balance and wellbeing. I enjoy listening to people and respect my client’s individuality, this is reflected in my treatments and provide a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere so they can feel safe.

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